Course Structure

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There are various implementation modes of the customized Bahasa Melayu programmes. 



Intensive Survival Bahasa Melayu
(20 hours)
This 20-hours course is for people who are already in Malaysia with little exposure to Bahasa Melayu. It aims to assist them to communicate with the locals. The daily 4 hours classroom instructions for five consecutive days provide communication practice in a range of situational contexts. Intensive Survival Bahasa Melayu includes tasks which introduce important and useful vocabulary through simple controlled dialogues, leading to freer practice.
Certificate of attendance is awarded to participants who complete this programme.
Accommodation. The university hostel is available within the campus. The hostel fee is RM20 per day.
Fee. RM500 inclusive of tuition fees.
Introduction to Bahasa Melayu and Malay Culture
(30 hours)
This 30-hours course introduces a basic repertoire of spoken Bahasa Melayu and some central aspects of Malay Culture. The emphasis of the programme is on correct pronunciation during spoken communication in various situations that have immediate concern to them, for instance talking about family, relating one’s personal life and experiences in valuing Malay culture, asking for directions, purchasing goods and ordering meals. Authentic materials are used to enhance understanding. First-hand discovery of the Malay culture by staying overnight with a host family as well as fieldtrips to selected places enable the participants to appreciate the traditional and modern culture in Malaysia.
Certificate of attendance is awarded to participants who complete this programme.
Accommodation. Participants may choose to stay at the university hostel located within the campus. The hostel fee is RM20 per day. Alternatively, contact us for other types of off campus boards and transportation fee is chargeable in this instance.
Fee. USD500 inclusive of tuition fee, insurance during the programme, university hostel accommodation and fieldtrips.
Mastery Bahasa Melayu
Personalized tutoring and flexible schedules in a variety of formats are among the highlights of this programme. Highly qualified and experienced instructors will assist in the extensive needs assessment and skills evaluation of the participants. In addition to the educational components, the programme includes numerous recreational and cultural activities within the country to enrich the language learning experience.
This programme a nine-month Bahasa Melayu language training which begins in September and ends in May the following year. This mode is divided into three phases:
     September to January
  • For the first five months, participants are exposed to the foundation of formal Bahasa Melayu from Monday to Friday, 9am-1pm (4 hours a day, 20 hours per week). The instruction comprises of the learning of grammar, constructing complex utterances and understanding extended discourse. Individual tutorials to focus on participants’ particular language problems and goals are conducted during native speaker facilitator-led sessions. Understanding and using Bahasa Melayu appropriately in social settings as well as engagement in community/ cultural excursion will further strengthen participants’ understanding of Bahasa Melayu in contexts. Additionally, seminar and interviews serve as the platforms for participants to talk to the natives on his or her chosen topics. Participants also have the opportunity to engage in self-access language learning and utilize language learning software in our state-of-the art language labs.
  • Participants undertake a small research project which may relate to their internship in order to provide a solid foundation for specialized, advanced language training.
      February – April
  • Participants are placed as an intern at industry relevant to their language goals/ interests.  The focus is for them to develop specialized language skills necessary for their academic goals or professional work.
  • During the internship period, participants meet regularly with language instructors to discuss experiences, problems, and work on any language difficulties that arise.
  • Participants are required to provide report and give presentation of the internship experience. Language consolidation activities are also incorporated.
Assessment. Pre-test is administered at the beginning and post-test is administered at the end of the programme.
Accommodation. Participants will experience different types of accommodations, i.e. host family, university hostel or commercial homestay, subject to participants’ preference and availability. Nevertheless, living with host family throughout the programme is our priority.
Fee. USD15,000 to cover tuition and accommodation.