Course Structure

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We offer three levels of courses offered for Summer programme, i.e. between June and August. Alternatively, contact us if you have different time requirement. 





(150 hours)

This is a basic level for participants with no basic knowledge of Bahasa Melayu. The participants will be able to understand the fundamentals of Bahasa Melayu grammar and the four skills - reading, writing, speaking and listening. At the end of course, participants should be able to

1. pronounce everyday Malay words correctly,

2. carry out simple dialogues of familiar topics;

3. read short texts; and 4) write simple sentences.



(140 hours)

The Intermediate level helps participants to further develop their ability to apply and improve their Bahasa Melayu skills. The participants will be able to practice and enhance their speaking and writing skills.Classes are conducted based on communicative approach including  discussions of various topics, writing composition and presentation of participants' own dialogues to practice expressions of more complex ideas and feelings.



(120 hours)

The Advanced level provides participants with the opportunity to engage in language activities such as debates and writing reviews. The main objective of this course is to consolidate the knowledge and skills participants have acquired from their previous Bahasa Melayu classes and to enhance their oral expressive skills. At the end of the course the participants will be able to use Bahasa Melayu to communicate and write effectively.


Malaysia continues to lure people from across the globe with its multi-racial society that offers unique culture and traditions for the world to appreciate. As such, this programme incorporates stimulating and exciting blend which include, but not limited to: 
♦  Trips to popular spots in Malaysia, e.g. the National Park and Sungai Lembing, Pahang which is a historical tin mining town;
♦  Visits to watch cultural shows and local festivals and carnivals;
♦  Visits to the National Archives of Malaysia, museum and art gallery; and
♦  Local sports activities, for example sepak takraw and gasing
Selected activities are included in the programme. Other activities are subject to availability and may incur additional cost which will be borne by the participants.
Pre-test is administered at the beginning and post-test is administered at the end of the programme.
Depending on the suitability and availability, the accommodation may include commercial homestay, the university hostel and host family. We will assist the participants with the arrangement of accommodation and transportation should the needs arise. Additional charge will incur for accommodation and transportation.
Participants are required to have health insurance throughout the programme. Alternatively, you may contact us for insurance providers in Malaysia.
USD3,000 to cover tuition fees and fieldtrips.